Role Outcomes of School Division Socialization Tactics for Middle School Principals in Virginia

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Virginia Tech

This study investigated how school divisions in Virginia socialized new middle school principals, and the effects this socialization had on the principals' role. It also examined the effects of school division characteristics and principal traits on the selection of socialization tactics and on role outcomes. Consistent with theory, the results suggest that the choice of different socialization tactics lead to different role outcomes. Specifically, the tactics concerned mainly with the social aspects of newcomer principal adjustment were most influential in moderating levels of role conflict and role ambiguity, and to a lesser degree in determining role orientation. The results also suggest that the size and wealth of school divisions effect the selection of some socialization tactics. Further, the results suggest that the age, gender, and ethnicity of principals influence the determination of role orientation, and moderate the levels of role conflict and role ambiguity.

school divisions, principals, socialization