Artificial Intelligence Powered Facial Recognition in the Public Eye

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Artificial Intelligence’s use in facial recognition has led to improvements in efficiency for many different groups, including law enforcement, however its use in society has been met with controversy due to the general public’s distrust in different entities using the technology. Our research focus seeks to understand why the public may distrust facial recognition AI or find its usage unethical, as well as determining the different cases in which the general public would trust the technology. We aim to study this through a non-experimental research design that distributes surveys to the public measuring their levels of trust in facial recognition AI. Understanding our research focus through this non-experimental design will allow AI users to better understand the cases in which they can use AI ethically without upsetting the general public or violating any essential rights.

This product is a learning artifact from the Spring 2021 semester of the Introduction to Honors Quantitative and Qualitative Research course (UH-1604). Primary instructor: Anne-Lise Velez; Secondary instructor: Nikki Lewis; Graduate Teaching Assistant: Joseph Daniel

artificial intelligence, surveillance, privacy, facial recognition, security