Title IX in college athletics with an historical Virginia Tech althletics case study (1972-1992)

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this study was to investigate how Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VT, Virginia Tech or VPI&SU) had complied with Title IX from 1972-1992. The case study investigated the governing process of the institution’s progression of Title IX compliance.

The study explored one prominent question: How had VT complied with Title IX from 1972-1992. Three subquestions relevant to the discussion of gender included: (a) How had VT performed in the three prong test of Title IX? (b) During the period 1972-1992, how did VT adhere to the compliance of the thirteen components of Title IX? and (c) What were the governing processes of VT towards Title IX in both written documentation and verbal interviews.

The instrumentation of the study was two-fold. The first stratum was to review court cases that were relevant to Title IX.

In reporting these cases, a "brief type" system was utilized. The brief of each case included the following: citation, topic, relief sought, issues, facts, finding of the trial, finding of the appellate court, reasoning, and significance.

A case study methodology was used in researching VT Athletic Department compliance with Title IX. Documentation to support the Title IX case study included athletic department correspondence, Athletic Department Title IX studies, University related correspondence, and printed documentation.

The outcome of the study revealed VT’s governing process towards Title IX during the twenty year period. The move towards compliance was based upon the philosophy of the athletic director as well as the president of the university.

Prior to 1987 and the passage of the Civil Rights Restoration Act, VT athletics was a corporation and not a department within the university. Also, athletics was not held accountable for Title 1X compliance since athletics did not receive direct federal funding.

After the passing of the Civil Rights Restoration Act, all departments were liable for Title IX compliance. In 1992, the VT athletic department was equitable in meeting the following thirteen components: interests and abilities, equipment and supplies, opportunity to receive and compensation of tutoring, housing and dining facilities, and recruitment of student athletes.