Transmission Lines Positive Sequence Parameters Estimation and Instrument Transformers Calibration Based on PMU Measurement Error Model

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Phasor Measurement Unit measurement data have been widely used in nowadays power system applications both in steady state and dynamic analysis. The performance of these applications running in utilities' energy management system depends heavily on an accurate positive sequence power system model. However, it is impractical to nd this accurate model with transmission line parameters calculated directly with the PMU measurements due to ratio errors brought by instrument transformers and communication errors brought by PMUs. Therefore, a methodology is proposed in this paper to estimate the actual transmission lines parameters throughout the whole system and, at the same time, calibrate the corresponding instrument transformers. A PMU positive sequence measurement error model is proposed targeting at the aforementioned errors, which is applicable to both transposed and un-transposed transmission lines. A single line parameters estimation method is designed based on Least Squares Estimation and this error model. This method requires only one set of reference measurements and the accuracy can be propagated throughout the whole network along with the topology acquired by the introduced Edge-based Breadth-rst Search algorithm. The IEEE 118-bus system and the Texas 2000-bus system are used to demonstrate the effectiveness and efciency of the proposed method. The potential for deployment in reality is also discussed.

CT/PT calibration, data quantization, measurement error model, PMU, positive sequence line parameters estimation