History of the Virginia State Advisory Council on Vocational Education, 1969-1981, and perceptions of its impact

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


The purpose of this study was to document the history of the Virginia State Advisory Council on Vocational Education and to collect perceptions on the impact the Council had had with regard to its mandated functions and related activities. Suggestions were also solicited from selected individuals involved with the Advisory Council for ways to improve the impact of the Council, as well as opinions as to the greatest impact of the Council. In order to accomplish these goals, the history of the Virginia Council was researched and compiled, using the method of triangulation when possible. The history was written in the method of combined topical and chronological arrangements. Sources for the history of the Council included minutes of the Council's meetings, the Annual Evaluation Reports prepared and disseminated by the Council, and correspondence exchanged with and by the Council. Additional information was received from individuals who were interviewed.

Perceptions were solicited from selected individuals regarding the impact of the Advisory Council. To accomplish this portion of the study, questionnaires and interviews were employed. Questionnaires were designed in the open ended format to allow freedom in responses and also to enable the investigator to use the same questions in the interviews.

Based on the findings of this study, thirteen conclusions would seem to be supported. Five of the conclusions are listed below:

  1. The Virginia State Advisory Council on Vocational Education was, for the period of this study, an active Council whose visibility in and respect from the vocational education community increased during this time.

  2. The Council provided recommendations to the State Board of [Vocational] Education which were necessary and relevant for improving the vocational education program in the State. Most of the recommendations received favorable action by the State Board of [Vocational] Education.

  3. The Advisory Council fulfilled, through various activities, the seven functions mandated by federal legislation.

  4. The Advisory Council has been very effective in fostering coordination, cooperation, and relationships with other agencies and constituencies. 5. Increased representation on the Council from business and industry is needed.



Virginia State Advisory Council on Vocational Education -- History