Dispersion of a single hole in the t-J model

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American Physical Society

The dispersion of a single hole in the t-J model obtained by the exact result of 32 sites and the results obtained by self-consistent Born approximation and the Green function Monte Carlo method can be simply derived by a mean-field theory with d-wave resonating-valence-bond (d-RVB) and antiferromagnetic order parameters. In addition, it offers a simple explanation for the difference observed between those results. The presence of the extended van Hove region at (pi,0) is a consequence of the (d-RVB pairing instead of the antiferromagnetic order. Results including t' and t '' are also presented and explained consistently in a similar way.

variational monte-carlo, 2-dimensional quantum antiferromagnet, valence-bond state, superconductivity, photoemission, sr2cuo2cl2, excitation, la2cuo4, Physics
Lee, TK ; Shih, CT, Mar 1, 1997. "Dispersion of a single hole in the t-J model," PHYSICAL REVIEW B 55(9): 5983-5987. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.55.5983