Effects of layer waviness on compression-loaded thermoplastic composite laminates

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Virginia Tech


The effects of layer waviness on the compression response of T3001P1700 carbon/polysulfone composite laminates were investigated both experimentally and analytically. A three-step procedure was used to fabricate isolated layer waves into the central 0° layer of [90₂,/0₂/90₂/0₂/90₂/02w]S laminates. The influence of various layer wave geometries on the static compression strength and compression fatigue life were determined experimentally. Moire interferometry was used to investigate the disturbance in the displacement fields and the modes of deformation associated with layer waviness under compression loading. The state of stress in the vicinity of the layer waves and the influence of the layer waves on static compression strength were predicted using a planestrain finite element analysis which included material nonlinearity.