One-Dimensional, Finite-Rate Model for Gas-Turbine Combustors

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Virginia Tech

An unsteady, finite-rate, one-dimensional model has been developed for the analysis for gas-turbine combustors. The basis of the model is the one-dimensional, integral form of the conservation equations for multi-species, non-equilibrium, reacting mixtures. Special procedures were devised for the flow-division of the inlet flow into primary- and annular-flows, for both straight- and reverse-flow combustors. This allows the model to handle complete combustor configurations, which at present are beyond the reach of more sophisticated CFD tools. The model was validated with a steady-state analytical solution for a basic problem, and with steady-state results from a production code applied to a production combustor. Additional calculations show the ability of the code to predict blow-out due to rich and lean mixtures, and to predict the response of a combustor to perturbations in operating and boundary conditions.

Control-Volume, Numerical-Methods, One-Dimensional, Blow-out