A Proposed Analysis of the Prevalence Rates of Comorbidity Between Schizophrenia and Individual Personality Disorder Clusters

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This study seeks to identify the comorbidities between schizophrenia and personality disorders in order to discover which DSM-5 cluster is most prevalent in those with schizophrenia. Cluster A (odd, eccentric thinking and/or behavior), cluster B (dramatic, unpredictable thinking and/or behavior), and cluster C (anxious, fearful thinking and/or behavior) are the three personality disorder clusters specified by the DSM-5. Two designs are presented, with the non-experimental being more appropriate. An experimental approach to the research question entails the random assignment of situations that warrant a reaction from those participating in the study. A non-experimental approach to the research question entails an exploratory case study in which multiple mediums of data are collected. Both designs establish a relationship between schizophrenia and personality disorders, as well as exhibit which personality disorder is most prevalent. This research allows experts in many fields to better understand schizophrenia and subsequently develop accurate treatments.

This product is a learning artifact from the Spring 2021 semester of the Introduction to Honors Quantitative and Qualitative Research course (UH-1604). Primary instructor: Anne-Lise Velez; Secondary instructor: Nikki Lewis; Graduate Teaching Assistant: Joseph Daniel

schizophrenia, personality disorder, Cluster A, Cluster B, Cluster C