Collaborative Preservation of ETDs: The MetaArchive Cooperative and LOCKSS

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While few would argue about the importance of digital preservation, it often gets a low priority when institutions are planning and implementing their ETD initiatives. However, the NDLTD has joined forces with the MetaArchive Cooperative to establish the ETD Preservation Network.

By adapting the open-source software, LOCKSS, the MetaArchive provides a secure dark archive for ETDs that is run and maintained by partnering institutions--currently Boston College, Emory University, Florida State, Rice, and Virginia Tech. This collaborative, distributed, digital preservation network is cost-effective and not too technology- or staff-intensive for any member institution.

As a founding member of both the NDLTD and the MetaArchive Cooperative as well as part of the original ETD implementation team at Virginia Tech, I provide a practical grounding in the distributed digital preservation network for ETDs.

distributed digital preservation, electronic theses and dissertations, ETDs, MetaArchive
McMillan, Gail. "Collaborative Preservation of ETDs: The MetaArchive Cooperative and LOCKSS." 1st Canadian ETD & Open Repositories Workshop, Carleton University, Ottawa, May 11, 2011.