Quantifying Sustainability and Landscape Performance: A Smart Devices Assisted Alternative Framework

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This research investigates gaps in current methods and tools in landscape performance research and presents a smart device-assisted alternative framework for performance assessment. Against the background of increasing attention to sustainability, landscape performance has emerged as a novel research focus on sustainability, with the objective of precisely quantifying sustainable performance. However, certain shortcomings persist within this field. This research conducts a comprehensive review of pertinent literature and analyzes deeply the performance metrics and case studies cataloged by the Landscape Performance Series (LPS). Additionally, an examination of quantitative tools is undertaken by surveys. The study finds several issues in current landscape performance research: imbalance development, inconsistent methods, one-time measurement, insufficient tools, and inaccurate and unreliable quantified results. Based on the advantages of smart devices in gathering sustainable data and previous research results, this research presents an alternate framework for conducting landscape performance research, which incorporates smart devices. In addition, it presents a set of recommendations for advancing research on landscape performance. This study could contribute to improving the diversity and accuracy of landscape performance quantification and contribute to future performance research. It assists in the refinement of landscape performance research and the achievement of sustainable development goals.

Shen, Z.; Peng, X.; Du, C.; Kim, M. Quantifying Sustainability and Landscape Performance: A Smart Devices Assisted Alternative Framework. Sustainability 2023, 15, 13239.