Incorporating Intracellular Processes in Virus Dynamics Models

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In-host models have been essential for understanding the dynamics of virus infection inside an infected individual. When used together with biological data, they provide insight into viral life cycle, intracellular and cellular virus–host interactions, and the role, efficacy, and mode of action of therapeutics. In this review, we present the standard model of virus dynamics and highlight situations where added model complexity accounting for intracellular processes is needed. We present several examples from acute and chronic viral infections where such inclusion in explicit and implicit manner has led to improvement in parameter estimates, unification of conclusions, guidance for targeted therapeutics, and crossover among model systems. We also discuss trade-offs between model realism and predictive power and highlight the need of increased data collection at finer scale of resolution to better validate complex models.




Ciupe, S.M.; Conway, J.M. Incorporating Intracellular Processes in Virus Dynamics Models. Microorganisms 2024, 12, 900.