Control chart procedures based on cumulative gauging scores

dc.contributor.authorChung, Jainen
dc.contributor.committeechairReynolds, Marion Jr.en
dc.contributor.committeememberArnold, Jesse C.en
dc.contributor.committeememberHinkelmann, Klausen
dc.contributor.committeememberMyers, Raymonden
dc.contributor.committeememberWoodall, William H.en
dc.description.abstractControl charts based on cumulative gauging scores rely on gauge scoring systems used for transforming actual observations into integer gauging scores. In some cases, the gauging scores are easy to obtain by using a mechanical device such as in the go-no-go inspection process. Thus, accurate measurements of selected quality characteristics are not necessary. Also, different control purposes can be achieved p by using different scoring systems. Cumulative gauging score charts based on two pairs of gauges are proposed to control the process mean or the standard deviation by either gauging one or several observations. Both random walk and cusum type cumulative gauging score charts are used. For controlling the process mean and standard deviation at the same time, a cusum type and a two-dimensional random walk type procedure are proposed. A gauging scheme can be applied to multivariate quality control by gauging either x² or T² statistics. A simple multivariate control chart which is based on the multivariate sign score vector is also proposed. The exact run length distribution of these cumulative gauging score charts can be obtained by formulating the procedures as Markov chain processes. For some procedures, the average run length (ARL) can be obtained in a closed form expression by solving a system of difference equations with appropriate boundary conditions. Comparisons based on the ARL show that the cumulative gauging score charts can detect small shifts in the quality characteristic more quickly than the Shewhart type X-chart. The efficiency of the cusum type gauging score chart is close to the regular CUSUM chart. The random walk type gauging score chart is more robust than the Shewhart and CUSUM charts to observations which have heavy a tailed distribution or which are serially correlated. For multivariate quality control. A procedure based on gauging the x² statistic has better performance than the x² chart. Also, a new multivariate control chart procedure which is more robust to the misspecification of the correlation than the x² chart is proposed.en
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dc.subject.lcshQuality control -- Charts, diagrams, etcen
dc.titleControl chart procedures based on cumulative gauging scoresen
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