Hotel cleanliness: will guests pay for enhanced disinfection? [Summary]

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Virginia Tech


This exploratory study operates on the premise that hotel guests expect their guestrooms to be clean. This heightened perception may result in a guest who is willing to pay a premium for a higher level of disinfection when visiting a hotel. However, the current threat posed by the MERS-CoV coronavirus should get the hotel industry’s attention. If MERS-CoV does not become a global health event, the industry can breathe a sigh of relief, but then prepare for the next threat. The cruise industry is already working to improve its defenses against norovirus and other illnesses that are particularly contagious under the very unique environmental conditions present on a cruise ship. However, cruise ships are not the only facilities vulnerable to norovirus. The findings contribute to the body of knowledge by identifying market segments (both female and young travelers) exist that are willing to pay a premium for enhanced cleaning.

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