On The Block - Exclusive Marketplace for student to buy and sell used goods


Ontheblock is an online marketplace designed specifically for Virginia Tech students to buy, sell, or exchange household items safely and efficiently. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface that allows students to browse through various items, create listings for their own goods, communicate with potential buyers or sellers, rate their experience with a user, report a user, share a product on the internet and browse future available products so that buyers and sellers can transact on a future date and on their own terms. The goal of Ontheblock is to provide a convenient solution for students who are often on tight budgets and need to acquire household items without breaking the bank. Additionally, the platform offers a safe and secure way to contact potential buyers or sellers, as all profiles are verified “vt.edu” domain backed by secure OPT validations by phone and email. This reduces the problem/risk of scammers scamming unsuspecting students of their precious money and resources. Ontheblock is an ideal solution for any Virginia Tech student looking for an affordable and safe way to buy or sell household items.



Capstone, Marketplace, Used Goods, Sharing Platform