The use of Pulsed Energy (Flashbast) technology in the shelf life extension of selected marine and freshwater fish species stored in ice

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Virginia Tech


The use of Pulsed Energy (Flashbasttm) Technology (PET) to extend the shelf life of fresh fish fillets was studied. Unskinned fillets from fresh sea trout (Cynoscion regalis) and hybrid striped bass (Morone chrysops x ~ saxatilis) were treated with 7.45 Joules/cm² of PET, stored individually in sterile polyethylene bags, and kept in ice for 21 days at 3°C. Sensory data showed no significant differences (pâ ¤ 0.05) in the appearance, odor, texture, or taste of cooked samples from treated and control fillets, regardless of species. Raw sea trout fillets developed "alien" odors upon treatment which disappeared within the first week of storage and were not detected in cooked samples. These off-odors were significant (pâ ¤ 0.05) in the freshwater species only during the first three days post-treatment. Microbiological analyses revealed that PET reduced bacteria growing on the flesh surface and skin at significantly higher (pâ ¤ 0.05) rates than those in the flesh. Total coliforms were the most susceptible bacteria to PET.