Luray, VA: Andrew Jackson School Memorial Park Conceptual Site Master Plan

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Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center


The West Luray Recreation Center is a former Rosenwald school that has been converted into a community-based recreation center. The community center is privately owned and operated in partnership with Living Legacy, a local nonprofit. The West Luray Recreation Center provides a positive activity and learning environment for underserved youth in nearby neighborhoods, Luray, and Page County. Some of what the center provides include an after-school tutoring program, mentoring, meals, and space for indoor activities and socializing.

Living Legacy wanted to develop a conceptual site master plan for the property behind the West Luray Recreation Center building in order to expand its potential for offering youth-oriented recreational and community-based agriculture learning opportunities. This design effort included the land immediately around the building as well as behind the building and down the slope to create a park as the first outdoor recreation space in the west end of Luray: Andrew Jackson School Memorial Park.

The purpose of this project was to work with the property owner Mr. King, Living Legacy, and the local community to create a conceptual site master plan for Andrew Jackson School Memorial Park.



community design, landscape architecture, master plan, community engagement, public design