Comparative study of Web-based Services and Best Practices offered by top World University libraries and "A" grade accredited University libraries in India

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Ess Ess Publication, New Delhi

In this study 64 web based services (bibliographical, patron education, patron communication and patron publication services) and best practices offered by the 70 top world university libraries and 39 top Indian University libraries were studied using different data analysis techniques like cross-tabulating for average scores and Pearson correlation coefficient and tests like Chi-Square Test and T-Test were applied to the raw data collected for final results. The library rankings as per their web-based services were correlated with their university rankings as per Webometric rankings and found that library web-based services rankings are correlating with their university rankings. Therefore, developing countries like India should improve their library web-based services rankings to improve their rankings at global level.

Library services, web-based library services, best practices, Ranking of Universities, Webometric rankings