Hokie Career Fair Application


Introducing HokieCFA, the ultimate solution to the long queues and waiting times at in-person career fairs. With an average of 30 employers attending each fair and a person spending an average of 15 minutes in each queue, attending a career fair can be a time-consuming process. But with HokieCFA, all you have to do is register and wait for a notification! Our optimized queueing and scheduling algorithm ensures that you can speak to as many employers and recruiters as possible within a stipulated time. Whether you are a student or job seeker, HokieCFA offers a seamless experience where you can assume the persona of an employer or a job seeker. HokieCFA aims to reduce wait times per student per queue, allowing you to share your profile with employers and increase your chances of getting hired. Through our Android mobile app, you can talk to employers efficiently through a notification and queueing system.



mobile app, flask, capstone, career fair, javascript, mongodb, react native