The effect of teacher testing on personality characteristics of teachers

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dc.description.abstractThis study determined whether there was a relationship between the responses of teachers to teacher competency tests, measures of self-concept, and locus of control. The study was designed to investigate the issue of student and cooperating teachers responses toward testing. Fifty-five student teachers from Old Dominion University and Virginia Wesleyan College were paired with cooperating teachers from the school systems of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake, Virginia. To determine their responses toward competency testing of teachers, a critiqued questionnaire was administered to this population. The Rotter Locus Of Control (1965) was given to determine if an individual viewed control of one's life from an internal or external perspective. In order to ascertain an individual's self-concept, the Tennessee Self Concept Scale was administered. The results from the instruments were analyzed using percentages and comparisons using the chi square test. Results indicated that there was no significant difference (< .05) in responses of teachers toward testing of teachers. No significant differences were found in how internals and externals viewed testing; nor were there significant differences found between those with high and low self concepts. Conclusions from the study indicate that student and cooperating teachers are not opposed to competency testing of teachers. The respondents felt that persons will not be encouraged or discouraged from entering the teaching profession because of their feelings about teacher testing or because of personality characteristics such as locus of control or self-concept.en
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dc.titleThe effect of teacher testing on personality characteristics of teachersen
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