Industry Usage, Stakeholder Perceptions, and Usability Characteristics of Hazard Controls Leading  to the Development of a Design Process and Taxonomy for Large Handheld Powered Equipment.  

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Virginia Tech

Three studies were conducted to better understand the current status of the industry and create a design process and taxonomy. Study 1 assessed current industry usage of dust control technologies and stakeholder perceptions in the concrete and masonry trades. Study 2 was similar but assessed emission control technologies in the asphalt roofing trade. Study 3 used the information from studies 1 and 2 to select a tool for further evaluation. The handheld cutoff concrete saw was chosen. An iterative design process was utilized to evaluate the saw. The design process and subsequent usability inspection engendered a taxonomy, or set of design recommendations can be applied to large handheld powered tools.

Design Taxonomy, Cut-off Saw, Concrete and Masonry Dust, Asphalt Roofing Dust, User Experience, Usability, Ergonomics, Human Factors