Insights Into the Process of Guiding Reflection During an Early Field Experience of Preservice Teachers

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this investigation was to gain insights into the process of guiding reflection during an early field experience. Four preservice teachers' (PTs') reflection on teaching was guided by the Reflective Framework for Teaching in Physical Education (RFTPE) (Tsangaridou & O'Sullivan, 1994). Other reflective assignments included a reflective journal, video analysis, and peer observation/reflection. Data collection techniques included open-ended interviewing, reflective journals, videotape analysis, and field notes. In contrast to previous Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) research, the findings indicated PTs were able to focus on multiple aspects of teaching: technical, situational, and sensitizing. All four PTs demonstrated the ability to consistently describe, justify, and critique meaningful events that occurred in the teaching/learning environment. Furthermore, the PTs' views on the value of guided reflection by the RFTPE (Tsangaridou & O'Sullivan, 1994) and the reflective assignments suggest that they perceived the early field experience as meaningful for their professional growth and development as prospective physical education teachers.

reflection, teachers, preservice, early field experience