Recent progress of Ga2O3 power technology: large-area devices, packaging and applications

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Benefitted from progress on the large-diameter Ga2O3 wafers and Ga2O3 processing techniques, the Ga2O3 power device technology has witnessed fast advances toward power electronics applications. Recently, reports on large-area (ampere-class) Ga2O3 power devices have emerged globally, and the scope of these works have gone well beyond the bare-die device demonstration into the device packaging, circuit testing, and ruggedness evaluation. These results have placed Ga2O3 in a unique position as the only ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor reaching these indispensable milestones for power device development. This paper presents a timely review on the state-of-the-art of the ampere-class Ga2O3 power devices (current up to >100 A and voltage up to >2000 V), including their static electrical performance, switching characteristics, packaging and thermal management, and the overcurrent/overvoltage ruggedness and reliability. Exciting research opportunities and critical technological gaps are also discussed.

gallium oxide, power electronics, power semiconductor devices, packaging, power converter, thermal management, ruggedness