Clinchco, VA: Clinchco Recreational Park Revitalization Conceptual Site Master Plan & Connectivity Plan to the Palmer Street Nature Park: Executive Summary

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Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center

Clinchco, Virginia is a small community of about 350 people located in the northern portion of Dickenson County in the valley of the McClure River and near the West Virginia line. It is accessed by Routes 63 and 83, which pass through the town. Clinchco started as a coal mining town in the late 1800s. The town was built by the Clinchfield Coal Corporation to support their mining efforts and later founded in 1917.

As a step toward providing recreational spaces for residents and visitors, the town would like to improve and augment the existing Clinchco Recreational Park, a small recreational area in the Carson Street/Mill Creek area as well as provide a trail connection from this park to a future recreation area at the end of Palmer Street, which could serve both locals and visitors.

CDAC worked with a stakeholders committee to create the conceptual site master plan for Clinchco Recreational Park and the connectivity plan to the Future Recreation Area at Palmer Street.