Multi-Operator Connectivity Sharing for Reliable Networks: A Data-Driven Risk Analysis


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A key distinction between today's and future networks is the appetite for reliable communication to support emerging critical-communication services. In this paper, we study multi-operator connectivity as a form of redundancy to support the design of reliable networks and investigate its trade-offs. This approach is motivated by 3GPP standardisation initiatives of dual-connectivity and similar techniques in industrial wired networks. We deploy a risk awareness performance metric to assess reliability: this superquantile metric accounts for periods of connectivity shortfalls. Our analysis shows that multi-operator connectivity brings significant reliability gains, in particular when network deployments by different operators exhibit high complementarity in coverage. We also explore the effects of multi-connectivity on spectral efficiency in times of high demand for bandwidth. Our study is based on a real-world dataset comprising signal strength indicators of three mobile operators in Dublin, Ireland.



Technology, Computer Science, Information Systems, Computer Science, Reliability, Redundancy, Protocols, Measurement, Antenna measurements, 3GPP, Synchronization, Network reliability, network sharing, multi-operator connectivity, multi-connectivity, risk analysis, LOW LATENCY COMMUNICATIONS, ACCESS, Networking & Telecommunications, 0805 Distributed Computing, 0906 Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1005 Communications Technologies