An Analysis of Student Assistance Program Characteristics and Activities in Selected Illinois Schools


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Virginia Tech


The main purpose of this study was to survey the participants, directors, and the coordinators that are associated with the SAP. The survey was done in order to determine opinions concerning the factors, procedures, standards, and guidelines for this program. Whether they are adequate, in order, complete enough and properly fitting, are questions to be reviewed in this document. They hopefully will verify items that are proper, thorough, and complete. They may accentuate procedures and factors that are illuminative, that highlight the points of the programs that are successfully aiding students. The need and interest in continuing educational programs is pointed out. It is pleasing to find the large number of participants desiring continuing education. Notably, as the drug scene is constantly changing, mental health needs detection and help is another point that is continually evolving. This document is to review the Landscape Questionnaire and relate to its validity, and appropriateness; bearing in mind the strong point of strict confidentiality in respect of the students. The need for compensated education of the involved principles would further involvement, with perhaps more guidance counseling principles involved, as a lot of these basics are ingrained. The Questionnaire is divided into 6 general functional sections for purposes of simplification of discussion, and that pattern followed throughout.



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