The Instructional Design of Worked Examples to Promote Computational Thinking Skills in Well-structured Programming Problems: An integrative Review

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Virginia Tech


Educators in the current era face more pressure to meet learners' growing digital age learning needs, which may require fostering more vital computational thinking skills. To ensure the desired learning outcomes are attained, it is critical to know how to provide the appropriate type of guidance and assistance. The findings of this research may be significant to computer science instructors and instructional designers interested in fostering computational thinking skills and improving programming skills by designing effective worked examples. Following the integrative review methodology, the study examined the current literature on worked examples in a programming setting to determine the compelling designs of worked examples. In addition, this study examined the most employed instructional design principles in developing effective worked examples and explored factors and circumstances that may have impacted the effectiveness of those designs. This study's findings indicated several successful designs of worked examples to promote computational thinking skills in programming problems



worked examples, computational thinking, programming, instructional design