The Joy of Missing Out on Expensive, Ill-Fitting Course Materials: Improving Fit, Reducing Student Financial Stress, and the Case for Open Educational Resources (OER)


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Join Pathways Geosciences 1004 Instructor extraordinaire and OER adapter of Introduction to Earth Science, Dr. Laura Neser, and University Libraries’ Assistant Director of Open Education and Scholarly Communication Librarian, Anita Walz, in a story-filled, no-pressure presentation. We’ll cover viable alternatives to expensive course materials, and support available at VT to adopt, adapt existing, or create high-quality openly-licensed course materials that better fit your teaching and your class. Hear stories, ask questions, and try your hand at identifying what’s available in your discipline. Learn about the impact faculty can make at VT -- and beyond. (In case you have fear of missing out regarding the AI session, we will talk about potential uses of AI as it pertains to OER.)



open educational resources (OER), course materials, faculty development