Nonlinear analysis of laminated composite shells using a micromechanics-based progressive damage model

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Virginia Tech


A micromechanics-based model for progressive failure analysis of laminated composite shell structures has been developed and implemented. The model couples a finite element model for nonlinear analysis of laminated shells with a micro mechanics elasticity solution for predicting failure and effective composite properties. The nonlinear laminate theory and finite element model are based on a third-order expansion of displacements through the thickness of the shell, thus allowing for both transverse normal and shearing deformations. The initiation and evolution of damage in the shell is modeled at the constituent (i.e., fiber, matrix, interphase) level using an elasticity solution for quasi-three-dimensional hygro-thermo-mechanical loading of continuous fiberreinforced composites. The model is used to predict failure in laminated composite structures and to study the effects of constituent properties (stiffness and strength) on structural behavior.