Mendota, VA: Conceptual Redevelopment Plan for the Former Bank Building

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Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center


The purpose of this project was to work with a stakeholders committee, which included the property owner, to identify possible new uses for the former bank building and concrete slab immediately adjacent to the former Benfield Store and between the store and former bank building.

The remnants of the former bank building are in a central location to other surrounding community assets. The proposed trailhead is across Mendota Road. The North Fork of the Holston River, an emerging destination for outdoor recreation, is 0.3 miles south on Civil Drive. Further, the Mendota Community Center is 0.25 miles east on Mendota Road.

Due to its immediate proximity to the Benfield Store and the open space’s expected contributions to the successful redevelopment of the Harris property, CDAC worked with the property owner and stakeholders committee to create a conceptual master plan for redevelopment of the former bank building and adjacent site to be used as a public/semi-public garden and outdoor patio.



landscape architecture, open space, green space, community design, community engagement, community involvement, environmental remediation, gardens