Green Design of a Cellulosic Bio-butanol Supply Chain Network with Life Cycle Assessment


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Virginia Tech


The incentives and policies spearheaded by the U.S. government have created abundant opportunities for renewable fuel production and commercialization. Bio-butanol is a very promising renewable fuel for the future transportation market. Many efforts have been made to improve its production process, but seldom has bio-butanol research discussed the integration and optimization of a cellulosic bio-butanol supply chain network. This study focused on the development of a physical supply chain network and the optimization of a green supply chain network for cellulosic bio-butanol. To develop the physical supply chain network, the production process, material flow, physical supply chain participants, and supply chain logistics activities of cellulosic bio-butanol were identified by conducting an onsite visit and survey of current bio-fuel stakeholders. To optimize the green supply chain network for cellulosic bio-butanol, the life cycle analysis was integrated into a multi-objective linear programming model. With the objectives of maximizing the economic profits and minimizing the greenhouse gas emissions, the proposed model can optimize the location and size of a bio-butanol production plant. The mathematical model was applied to a case study in the state of Missouri, and solved the tradeoff between the feedstock and market availabilities of sorghum stem bio-butanol. The results of this research can be used to support the decision making process at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels of cellulosic bio-butanol commercialization and cellulosic bio-butanol supply chain optimization. The results of this research can also be used as an introductory guideline for beginners who are interested in cellulosic bio-butanol commercialization and supply chain design.



Cellulosic Bio-butanol, Supply Chain Network Design, Multi-objective Linear Programming Model, Life Cycle Assessment