Using Gentile's Reframing Diversity Model In Public Organizations: FDIC As An Illustration

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Virginia Tech


This dissertation proposes that Dr. Mary C. Gentilel's (1998) descriptive Reframing Diversity model provides for the development of a public sector diversity program. The Reframing Diversity model does not suggest that diversity programs conform to a "one-size-fits all" design.

The dissertation applied the lenses (motivation, mindset, method, and measure) of Gentile's Reframing Diversity model to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) diversity program. The lenses of Gentile's model offer questions that are straightforward, easy to understand, and organizationally specific. Additionally, the project utilized the generally accepted approach for qualitative inquiry supported by Rubin and Rubin (1995) to develop an interview protocol for selected FDIC employees.

The most salient characteristic of Gentile's model, the lenses, apply to any program regardless of the target audience. The lenses of Gentile's model are the architecture upon which a public sector organization could build a successful diversity program. The model's descriptive nature allows public organizations to develop diversity programs that are voluntary in nature; inclusive of its total employee population; and incorporated into its day-to-day activities.



workforce demographics, public sector