A Framework for Simplified Residential Energy Consumption Assessment towards Developing Performance Prediction Models for Retrofit Decision-Making

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Virginia Tech


This research proposes to simplify the energy consumption assessment for residential homes while building the foundation towards the development of prediction tools that can achieve a credible level of accuracy for confident decision making. The energy consumption assessment is based on simplified energy consumption models. The energy consumption analysis uses a reduced number of energy model equations utilizing a critical, limited set of parameters. The results of the analysis are used to develop the minimum set of consumption influence parameters with predicted effects for each energy consumption domain.

During this research study, multiple modeling approaches and occupancy scenarios were utilized according to climate conditions in Blacksburg, Virginia. As a part of the analysis process, a parameter study was conducted to: develop a comprehensive set of energy consumption influence parameters, identify the inter-relationships among parameters, determine the impact of energy consumption influence parameters in energy consumption models, and classify energy consumption influence parameters under identified energy consumption domains.

Based on the results of the parameter study, a minimum set of parameters and energy consumption influence matrices were developed. This research suggests the minimum set of parameters with predicted effects to be used during the development of the simplified baseline energy consumption model.



Energy Efficiency, Residential, Energy Model, Parameter Analysis