How faculty representatives perceive intercollegiate athletics

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dc.description.abstractThe general problem in this study was to investigate the perceptions of the faculty representative to athletics with regard to intercollegiate athletics. This national study included the faculty representatives at all NCAA Division IA institutions in the United States. The return rate was 69% (N = 95). Particular concern was given to these specific areas of intercollegiate athletics: (a) the role of intercollegiate athletics, (b) funding of intercollegiate athletics, (c) recruitment of athletes, and (d) governance of intercollegiate athletics. A questionnaire was utilized to gather the responses. Based on this investigation, it was concluded that the faculty representative should have a more active leadership role in assisting the president on matters related to the governance of athletics. Furthermore, contrary to current beliefs, the faculty representative views intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of higher education. Also, the representatives believe that the athletic departments of their respective universities encourage an athlete to pursue his academic work.en
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dc.titleHow faculty representatives perceive intercollegiate athleticsen
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