An assessment of workability and communicative implications of the Virginia State Board of Education's procedure for adjusting grievances as perceived by local school division personnel

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


The assessment of the Virginia State Board of Education's 1973 Procedure for Adjusting Grievances mandated for use in all Virginia public school divisions reflects that school superintendents perceive the provisions relating to the workability of the procedure and its communicative implications in a more critical manner than do secondary school principals, elementary school principals or local education association presidents. No other relationships to commonly selected school division and respondent characteristics were found to exist.

The three related factor groupings identified for comparison of significance of difference were: (1) panel requirements; (2) communicative implications; and (3) preliminary steps. On each factor group significant differences were found to exist between the perceptions of superintendents and the perceptions of secondary principals, elementary principals and local education association presidents collectively.

The study provides means on perceptions of workability and communicative implications by respondent group for each selected significant provision or condition of the grievance procedure.

The study provides a complete listing of all comments or statements offered by respondents relative to perceived restrictions of workability and/or communicative implications by individual provision or condition.