Tourists' risk perception of risky destinations: The case of Sabah's eastern coast [Summary]

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Virginia Tech


The findings have pointed to the likelihood of travel experience having an impact on risk perception. This probability hinges on the types of travel experience. For instance, it has been found that tourists with more marine travel experience perceive lower risk towards Sabah’s eastern coast while there is no significant relationship between international travel experience and risk perception of the study site. Some of the possible explanations for this result might be associated with tourists’ typology and travel motivation. As presented in Table 1, most of the respondents considered themselves as adventure tourists and a considerable number of them were divers. Moreover, the findings on travel motivation show that people who travel to marine destinations for diving perceive lesser risk. It is therefore plausible to conclude that experienced marine tourists and frequent divers perceive lesser risk compared to inexperienced conventional tourists due to different travel motivations. Further work is encouraged to consolidate this proposition. "This article summary is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (CC BY).