Hostile-Diabetic Men: An Examination of Peripheral Glucose and QEEG Magnitudes Subsequent to Lateralized Fluency-Stressors

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Virginia Tech


Using the Limited Capacity Model of hostility (Walters & Harrison, 2006; Williamson & Harrison, 2005; Williamson, Harrison, & Walters, 2007) as a guide, the stress response of individuals with a variable and dysregulated fuel supply to their brain (diabetes) was examined subsequent to lateralized fluency-stress. This theoretical "capacity" model of hostility was applied to a relatively unknown population of high hostile-diabetics. Given the associations between hostility and diabetes, it was argued that a very robust stress response would be evident, as measured as by peripheral glucose and QEEG magnitudes, as a result of modest regulatory capacity subsequent to right frontal lobe stress. Moreover, it was expected that high hostile-diabetics would show diminished performance on neuropsychological indicants of right frontal functions.



QEEG, Glucose, Neuropsychology, Diabetes, Hostility