Grade 300 Prestressing Strand and the Effect of Vertical Casting Position


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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence an increase in strand strength and the effect the as-cast vertical location had on transfer length, development length, and flexural strength and to resolve the discrepancies regarding the definition of the top-bar/strand effect. Two types of test specimens were fabricated and tested investigating each respective item. The increase in strand strength was found to influence transfer length, development length, and flexural strength, while the as-cast vertical location was only found to influence transfer length, and in turn development length. Contrary to the historical definition, the top-bar/strand effect was found to be more dependent on the amount of concrete cast above the strand than the amount below it, with transfer lengths showing a steady increase with a decrease in the amount of concrete cast above the strand. As a result of the findings of this study, a new transfer length equation was proposed and a previously proposed flexural bond length equation was recommended for use in lieu of the current code provisions. The current equations for flexural strength were found to give adequate estimates for flexural strength, although a decrease in ductility was noted.



Flexural strength, Top-strand effect, Bond, Development length, Prestressed concrete, Transfer length, Grade 300 strand