Nutrition and Agriculture No. 2: Integrating nutrition into agricultural and rural development projects - Six case studies

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


This is the follow-up publication to an FAO manual of the same name published in 1982. It describes the methodology of agricultural and rural development projects in the form of six case studies. In each project, a common sequence was used in an effort to estimate the potential impact a project may have on participants: a Desk Review, an Initial Assessment, and an In-Depth Study. What was truly unique to these studies was the integration of a nutrition project planner (often a nutritionist or dietitian) who identified intervention points and linkages that would impact nutritional status the most. He or she worked closely with the agricultural development team. Although not every study resulted in successful integration of nutrition objectives, this report offers an important example of how nutrition outcomes may be integrated in agricultural projects through inclusion of a nutrition professional on the planning team.


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Stakeholders, Water policy, Food strategy, Food consumption, Environmental impacts, Government policy, Malnutrition, Food security, Economic impacts, Health impacts, Nutrition, Development methodology, Haiti, Kenya, Perú, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Zambia


Nutrition in Agriculture No. 2