An analysis of the residency requirement for the doctoral degree in the College of Education, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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Virginia Tech


The problem which, was explored in this study was: What are the perceptions held by doctoral gradates of their academic-professional and personal experiences related to the residency requirement? Five research, questions were posed to provide guidance for the collection of data for this study. They are described in detail in the summary and conclusions sections of this chapter.

The overall purpose of this study was to provide a procedure for evaluating full-time residential study in a doctoral program as perceived by graduates. Specifically, the objectives were: 1) to define the purposes and activities of-the residency requirement in the College of Education at VPI&SU as articulated by the faculty and administrative staff; 2) to determine the graduates' perceptions of their academic, professional and personal experiences while fulfilling the residency requirement at VPI&SU; and 3) to compare and contrast the perceptions of the faculty and the graduates with respect to the residence requirement.