Green Roof Exposure and Office Workers' Mental Health: Work-related Distress, Mental Fatigue, and Perceived Restoration

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Virginia Tech


More than half of the world's population works full time and spends about one-third of their weekdays at workplaces (International Labor Organization, 2022). Mental disorders are one of the health problems that have emerged among working populations (World Health Organization, 2022). Previous empirical research and theories demonstrated that nature exposure positively impacts human health and wellbeing (Kaplan and Kaplan 1989). Green roofs can be one of the most easily accessible nature places for office workers in city centers. This study examines the relationship between green roofs and work-related distress, mental fatigue, and restoration. An online survey of 179 employees was used to evaluate the relationship between exposure to six different green roofs and employee work-related distress, mental fatigue, and mental restoration. The results show that the average time spent on green roofs and the frequency of visits have statistically significant relationships with the mental restoration.



green roof, mental fatigue, work-related stress, perceived restoration