More Than Just Access: Undocumented Students Navigating the Postsecondary Terrain

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The Journal of College Admission


Over the last few years, increasing numbers of undocumented students have made their way through to two- and four-year colleges and universities. The increased matriculation rates of these students have been aided by several processes: 1) increases in unauthorized settlement in the late 1980s and 1990s, dramatically increasing the numbers of undocumented children coming of age in the United States (Gonzales 2007; Massey et al 2002; Passel and Cohn 2009); 2) in-state tuition laws assisting undocumented students in certain states to offset higher out-of-state tuition fees (Olivas 2007; Rincon 2008); and 3) the increase in community efforts by students and counselors, bringing awareness to students and families of their rights to go to college (Gonzales 2008; McGray 2007; Rincon 2008; Seif 2006). However, as the volume of undocumented youth matriculating into colleges and universities increases, on campus new questions arise as to their specific rights.



undocumented students, access to higher education, in-state resident tuition, higher education policy, education policy process at state level