Too Much Assessment Not Enough Innovation: R&D Models and Mindsets for Academic Libraries

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Library Assessment Conference


Academic libraries are facing a disruptive future. There are new technologies, new pedagogies, new publishing models, and new environments, all converging with teaching and research. This multiplicity of change is bubbling forth and setting up for new directions in the years ahead.

Library assessment programs would benefit from adopting Research and Development (R&D) practices in order to anticipate and accommodate new demands. This paper outlines a perspective shift for addressing needs in the emerging landscape of higher education. By embracing a discovery-oriented outlook, activating networked development initiatives, and nurturing a culture of creativity and experimentation, libraries can position themselves for growth opportunities.


This paper was presented at the Library Assessment Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia in October 2012. The original paper is included in the offical conference proceedings. This "enhanced" version includes a few grammatical edits and a stylistic layout. The working draft of this paper was titled "think like an R&D shop" and it was conceived as a sequel to Think Like A Startup, a previous white paper. For more info please visit: All artwork was developed by Ashley Marlowe.


R&D, Research and Development, assessment, libraries