Gaming and Political Extremism


The gaming and political extremism project was a collaborative effort between our student group and the VT Gamer Lab in order to test the idea that military simulation gaming communities have experienced a rise in political extremism. In order to determine if a correlation existed between the two, YouTube video data was scraped from the website, and corresponding visuals were created from said data after it had been cleaned. The visuals were then examined in order to determine if there were spikes in mil-sim YouTube video interaction during the periods of time that surrounded major political events. Through said analysis, the conclusion was that the spikes in mil-sim YouTube interaction could not be entirely related to political events, as the periodic spiking of said interactions may have been due to resurgences in a game's general popularity. As this is the end of the project, Our exact methods and work completed can be found within our final report and presentation.



Gaming, Political Extremism, Extremism, Mil-Sim