Creating an Open Textbook: Purpose, process & progress

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This presentation introduces attendees to Virginia Tech's new open textbook "Fundamentals of Business," the process of adapting an existing openly licensed text, helpful tools developed or discovered since, and lessons learned -- including the University Libraries' evolving processes for supporting faculty authoring of openly licensed textbooks and other learning resources.

Fundamentals of Business was developed at Virginia Tech through a collaborative partnership between the faculty of the Pamplin College of Business, Pamplin students, and University Library faculty and staff. It was first used in Virginia Tech’s “Foundations of Business,” a 14-section team-taught course with over 700 students in Fall 2016. The book is openly licensed (CC BY NC SA) and freely available online: Fundamentals of Business. It has been downloaded from over 20,000 times (as of June 1, 2017) by users around the world.

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Open textbook, Open educational resources, Business, Library publishing