Explore Technology: An Exploratory Meta-Major

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Undecided or exploratory majors are 3 of the 10 most popular majors for incoming first-year students at Virginia Tech (VT). Each college at VT hosts at least one undecided major (e.g., Exploring Life Sciences, Exploring Natural Resources, Explore Science). The University Studies Office (USO) also houses two undecided majors. In 2017, USO staff created the Explore Technology meta-major for students who were interested in multiple colleges or majors. Metamajors provide a welcoming environment for exploration through advising conversations, introductory coursework, and investigating major options (Kafka, 2019; Selingo, 2017). Students have time to decide their path and examine an estimated 60 majors that incorporate technology. Incoming students can declare this major when they apply for admission, and it meets their needs, engages them academically, and results in strong retention.