Accelerated Corrosion Testing of ASTM A1010 Stainless Steel


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American Institute of Steel Construction


ASTM A1010 (recently adopted as ASTM A709 Gr50CR) is a material which has advantageous corrosion properties. It is a low-grade stainless steel which forms a protective patina and has been marketed as an alternative to other bridge steels and corrosion protection methods due to its corrosion resistance in highly corrosive environments. However, the material is currently available in plate form only, and several of the applications in the United States were required to use alternative materials when constructing and connecting secondary members to the A1010 plate girders. This paper addresses the corrosion behavior of A1010 in several different details relating to recent applications in the US. An accelerated corrosion study was performed which simulated a highly corrosive environment typical of the environment justifying the use of A1010. The research investigated the resulting galvanic corrosion and its effect on the corrosion rate of A1010 plates, several different common bridge steels, and typical fastener materials. In addition, common surface preparation methods were evaluated for their aesthetic effect during patina formation.