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Virginia Tech


There is a misconception that gaming and societal excellence are opposing forces, i.e., that a child or young adult who spends time gaming is spending time away from study and chores. Odjin’s Behavioral Rewards Mobile Application, Learn2Game (working name only), will help shift that perception.

Children and young adults - Gamers - and their parents and authority figures - Coaches - will be able to use our app to help change the conflict around balancing perceived good and bad behavior. Coaches will be able to send Gamers on quests to do specific chores or to achieve good grades. For doing these quests, Gamers will be promised games by their Coaches. Over time, this will work as a dialog between the Coaches and Gamers where the Gamers see Quests as opportunities for fun rewards, and Coaches see Quests as opportunities to instill good behavior.

Over the course of the semester, we developed an Android app fulfilling the function of the requirements of the project. This app was built from the ground up as a new project in Android Studio in Java, utilizing four platforms working together: Android Studio, Firebase Authentication, Firebase Live Database, and a game distribution API.

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Android App, Gamer, Coach, Behavioral Rewards, Behavioral Psychology