Psychosocial predictors of health behavior and school functioning in elementary school children

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Virginia Tech


The current study was designed to test the utility of a multivariate rnodel to predict health care utilization, absenteeism, and achievement functioning. The model included demographic factors and measures of physical health status as well as psychosocial predictors (child mental health, child developmental status, and family functioning). Four dependent variables were used including encounters with the health clinic at schoot primary care utilization, absenteeism (partial and whole days for the current year), and achievement status. Multiple regression analyses were performed to determine whether psychosocial factors would account for significant portions of the variance beyond that predicted by health and demographic factors. Results revealed that psychosocial predictors contributed significantly to the prediction of school and primary care health encounters. Predictors of absenteeism and achievement also included contributions of psychosocial factors although they were less robust.