Moving Beyond the “Asian” Check Box

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Southeast Asia Resource Action Center


On May 4, 2012, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) issued a Request for Information (RFI), announcing that it is seeking to gather and share information about practices and policies regarding existing education data systems that disaggregate data on sub-groups within the Asian American/Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander (AANHPI) student population. This report analyzes the 711 comments that were submitted in response to the RFI to look at: Opportunities/positive trends for data disaggregation, challenges to data disaggregation, and existing models of large-scale data disaggregation. The report concludes with recommendations to help diverse stakeholders call for disaggregated data to make visible and address the academic achievement gaps that exist within AANHPI communities.



Asian American students, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Americans, quantitative research